2020 = Blue, Blue and More Blue!

It’s 2020 you guys;

a new year, a new decade and a new color!! I always get excited to learn what the new color of the year is, I’m all about color…even in the dreary cold winters, it’s just so refreshing. Anyone else agree!? With that being said, Pantone announced in early December that the new color for the year is classic blue! I couldn’t be more excited for this (as most of my Arc’s Value Village personal shopping clients probably know)! Why?


BRAND NEW Nicki Minaj Studded Pocket Cropped Blazer: $9.99 (top left)

Express Black Striped Sweater: $6.99

Tahari Fashion Jacket: $8.99 (top right)

Classic Long Sleeve Sweater: $5.99 (bottom right)

Blue Denim: only $3.99!


Classic blue looks great on everyone! Brunettes, black hair, red hair, blondes, doesn’t matter! It brightens up every hair and skin color. If you’re new to color, try this one on first right after a darker color such as black, grey or even brown. You’ll see the difference in your complexion, eyes and maybe even your mood 😉 


Blue is also great year round, it’s always appropriate with any season. For winter, just pair with a neutral that has a texture for example. You could even pair it up with black sequins for the holidays! Spring and summer pair it with a floral print. If you want to go with even MORE color, wear it with a bright pink, teal or purple to do a little color blocking. Fall, pair with a cognac and a cream. And don’t forget that you can always go the monochromatic route by doing another classic blue or have your outfit consist of all different shades of blue! Which on a side note, I highly suggest having some aqua in there somewhere, one of my personal favs. 


What if you’re scared of bright colors, even after trying on classic blue!?


Stick with having blue in your pants or skirt. Don’t forget that this classic blue talk is not only solid blue, it can be a pattern with blue as the main color or not the main color too. In this instance, if you had blue pants (or blue pattern pants) on, stick with a neutral on the top since that’s closest to your face. You could also wear a scarf in the cooler months or if you’re into statement jewelry, you could wear a neutral colored piece in the warmer months if you did want to wear a blue top. 


What if blue is just too much for you on the top AND the bottom?!


Everyone has something navy in their closet (for the most part), but go a step further and try a peacock shade like these pants…


Rachel Zoe Peacock Blue Ankle Fit Dress Pants: $6.99


Or you can just stick with blue on your feet or in your jewelry 😉 


If you want to see more examples, check out our latest Ask the Stylist video!

In closing, I challenge you to get 2 new blue pieces in your closet if you don’t have anything yet. Send me photos, I would love to see what you buy!


Till next time,


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