A Thankful Thrifter

What are you thankful this year? I enjoyed four relaxing days off this Thanksgiving and had some time to reflect on everything that I am grateful for. Turns out it it’s not things, but people that bring me the most joy and gratitude. On that list, I am very grateful for my co-worker Duane! A year ago, I set out to share my discovery with the Twin Cities and find people like me who love to entertain in their homes. It seems that every gathering, event, and theme party requires new dishes, table linens and decorations and always blows the budget. From conversations with Duane I knew that he shared my passion and so together we embarked on our tablescaping journey and produced monthly tablescaping videos to show people the wondrous ways to set a creative table using goodies from Arc’s Value Village. We met so many fun people along the way as other shoppers inquired about our cameras and videotaping, and shared their stories with us as well. Our Facebook friends got to know our differing styles (Duane is always traditional and I always lean towards modern) and I always enjoy the comments and inspiration. Sometimes my table even wins! I also came to learn that Duane is a subject matter expert on all things vintage and relevant; he must have been an inquisitive kid in his Southern upbringing and his grandmas taught him so much.

I hope that you enjoy following along, and that you will continue to tune in in 2018. We have some fun plans and will continue to bring you ideas on creative centerpieces, DIY table runners, vintage barware, and tips and tricks for picnics and parties on the run! Thank you Duane for your creativity, your Southern charm, and for consistently getting your video clips on the first take! You make work fun!

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