Calling All Business Professionals!

I’m super surprised on how many business professionals (including entrepreneurs) I have seen this fall via Arc’s Value Village personal shopping service! With that, I just had to write about it!

Now, if there is anything I know it’s running a business along with the branding of it from the inside out (speaking as a woman who runs 2), but the reason why I’m so surprised is because typically they come in the beginning of the year or in the spring. Why? Because it’s right after New Years and they have decided to start their own business or they are doing a spring cleaning overhaul. These are one of my favorite appointments to take not only because I’m an entrepreneur myself, but there is something about helping a small business get on their feet and find their brand in themselves. Or how about helping an employee now becoming a manager who will be guiding a team of people to reach their full potential? And how about those women who are in the male-dominated industry? Yes, please!

As I was taking these appointments, I realized, “Wow! Thrifting is actually a great way to get all those professional looks for their new career path!” Clients in these situations either are going through a financial transition or they haven’t discovered their new business professional look so it’s a cheap, easy way to experiment with their style until they find it!

Here are some great looks to consider…and for under $25 an outfit:

Photo credit: @andreasawyer12

Ralph Lauren Button Up Shirt – $7.99

Coco Chanel Tie – $2.99

Gap Jeans – $8.99

Black Loafers – $4.99

Ladies, don’t be afraid to rock a menswear look. If it’s something you’re not used to but love the style, try wearing a loafer and a button up. Eventually, try a vest or a tie a few weeks later. After you do get used to it, you will carry yourself with more confidence which then you can wear whatever you want!


Tie Neck Blouse – $5.99

Teal Dress Pants – $8.99

A colored , but yet classic, pant can really change up an outfit and get you outside of the repetitive black pant look. Also, try a wide leg or even a flair! Paired with a tiny wedge (if you can’t wear heels), this will make your legs look longer and I promise you will carry yourself with empowerment. Great for all you public speakers out there 😉 


Photo credit: @andreasawyer12

Stripe Shirt – $4.99

Navy Blue Chino Pants – $6.99

Tote Handbag – $4.99

Chino pants are such a great versatile pant. Wear it with a blouse for work or wear it with a t-shirt on those casual days with your friends and family. Did I forget to mention that they’re breathable and GREAT for traveling?!


So, have you branded yourself? If not, you know where to reach me 😉

Till next time,

-Melissa / IG: @MH_style_consulting / Facebook @MHstyleconsulting

Thank you Melissa! Melissa is a regular guest blogger and a valued member of our personal shopper team!