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To mark the anniversary of COVID-19 and the courage our staff faced this year, Photographer Chris McDuffie created a film of gratitude featuring our staff family and the many ways that they take care of our Village. We have long-admired Chris’s high-profile projects and work and we were appreciative of the time he spent on this project of ours. He shared some insights with us here:


Q: How did you get into photography?

CMD: I have always been a creative weirdo. Finding new methods for self-expression has long fascinated me, been a source of entertainment and inspiration. From drawing and painting, making home movies on a DV camera, playing clarinet in band, designing sneakers and clothes, I have been able to dabble in a number of creative endeavors. In college, I picked up a camera, and the rest is history.


Q: Describe your work – what do you shoot and how do you shoot it?

CMD: I mostly shoot people, and through the moving or still image tell their stories. I grew up on a healthy diet of comic books, action and sci-fi movies, and I realize how much of a flashy, colorful aesthetic plays into my work. Not having many resources to create at the level I wanted, my aim has long been to create work that looks and feels much more expensive than the budgets I have worked with.


Q: What is your signature shot / technique / outcome?

CMD: This often morphs to fit the concept and restrictions of each shoot, but high level, I love punchy, motivated lighting.


Q: Whose work do you admire?

CMD: Some early inspirations when I got started in photography were Gordon Parks, Annie Leibovitz and Richard Avedon.


Q: What is your future dream project?

CMD: I have been slowly making the transition from stills to motion, and excited to take my vision and process to more film projects.


Thank you Chris for bringing our vision of gratitude to life! Chris can be contacted directly for future projects:

Chris McDuffie

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