Claire: One of a Kind

Claire’s professional bio describes her as a writer, model, marathoner, and mama. We emphatically add ‘thrifter’ to that list! Claire has been a long-time supporter of our Richfield location, and was delighted to discover our New Hope store when she moved to that side of town. She is smart and really discovered the cost benefit of thrifting when she had her daughter and the memorable moments of pulling together magical holidays on a budget. But Claire is not new to thrifting, she comes to it by way of both her mother and her father, and her husband is into it as well if even to give her his wish-list for items like ramekins for crème brûlée.




Thrift Store Finds:
Claire loves to shop with a list and also keeps an open mind for themes. Her recent thrift haul video (see link below) colorfully illustrates Claire’s thematic quest for bird blouses, bright blazers, and summer dresses. Last year a theme was cool vintage wool like Pendleton skirts, wool blankets, and any wool with red stitching. Claire’s mom and dad are thrifters too, often sharing in the search for wool blankets as well as their love of red hats. Sadly, Claire’s dad passed away earlier this year and their deer blanket story has extra tender memories now.



Claire draws her fashion inspiration from the SJP TV character Carrie Bradshaw. She prefers eclectic, unique and edgy. One of one. Claire we think that you are one of a kind – a limited edition! Thank you for supporting Arc’s Value Village and for your ongoing enthusiasm!



Claire DeBerg can be contacted via her website or Instagram @clairedeberg