Denim DIY

One Pair Three Ways

Pat yourself on the back – you did not buy the $250 distressed jeans as advertised! Thrifty shoppers are giddy with this season’s denim trends! Here are three ways to wear your $6.99 denim this year:


Frayed Bottom:

Many ways up the mountain on this look! A simple cut and go leaves a nice raw edge that will fray with wear. Quick-fray can be done by pulling out the first few rows of threads. We love this casual look that flatters your favorite footwear and is a nice transition through spring and can be paired with booties for colder days to sandals as the days warm up.

Distressed Jeans:

OH we love our distressed jeans! They seem to come in and out of fashion regularly, except for those of us who just prefer them that way all the time! Distressed jeans can be done with a scissor and cheese grater. We recommend you start with a two-inch cross-wise cut and add from there. Distressed jeans paired with a preppy striped shirt offset that grunge look, unless of course you are going for that grunge look!


Released Hems:

Both the frayed bottom and distressed jeans can incorporate this third option of released hems. With a small scissor simply rip out the stitching all the way around and un-hem. Iron flat for best results. The resulting faded and dark and frayed bottom makes for an interesting texture. Released hems can be done on a wide variety of jeans including skinny jeans, boot leg, and wide leg, and can hit anywhere in length from shin to shoe.


Feeling inspired? Start designing your DIY denim and show us the results by tagging @ArcsValueVillage on Facebook and Instagram! We love to see what’s been created by our Villagers!