Employee Spotlight: Lucas Stalley

Do you shop our big and bright Bloomington store? If not you should! And if you do, you’ve likely met Lucas! Lucas is a “can-do, yes-and” guy who always raises his hand to help out and always with a smile.  We caught up with Lucas on his day off and learned a bit more:

Q: What is your background?
I’m a Minnesotan born and raised. I started working for the Arc’s Value Village in spring of 2018 as a Donation Center Associate. In December I was promoted to the Lead of the Donation Center and the summer of 2020 I was again promoted to one of the supervisors of the Bloomington store.

Q: What do you love about Arc’s Value Village?
The people and the opportunities.  I don’t think I’ve met a more caring and diverse group of people before working here. This team is so strong because we care for each other and the message of the Arc. The opportunities I’ve had to grow here make me extremely lucky. I am only 19 and starting college. I am a manager of a store and a part of the justice advisory council. These opportunities have made me into the adult person I am today.  The  amount of compassion and care I receive from my job is unmatched and I  consider myself lucky to be a part of this amazing team.

Q: Tell us about one of your favorite finds.
We have a ton of amazing items that come through. One of my favorite are two replica swords from one of the many Robin Hood movies. They are real steel and look amazing hanging on my wall.

Q: Who inspires you?
A number of people. Our former store manager, Diane, is one of the adults in my life that have made the biggest impact. She was always there to help me and answer all of my questions about the store. She took a chance and allowed me to take a leadership role and without her I wouldn’t be where I am. Two of my former teachers, Mr. Fretland and Mr. Eggers, are some of my biggest role models to this day. Both have made a huge impact on my life. Mr.Fretland helped me learn to be a leader while also learning how to be an adult at the same time. Mr. Fretland believed in me and was always there to help and made me feel respected as a leader and as student. Mr. Eggers was my first experience I’ve had with psychology. His teaching style and compassion of the science and for kids he taught is truly what continues to drive me into the field of Psychology.  I can’t thank the adults in my life for taking the time to listen and teach me. I would not be where I am without their guidance and support.

Q: How do you enjoy your downtime?
In my downtime I play a lot of video games with my close friends. I’ve played piano for a number of years but recently I’ve picked up the guitar and bass. Music and video games are a huge passion of mine.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Psychology and Neuroscience have been, and still are, the biggest passions of mine. I am currently in school on track to get a PhD in Psychology. My dream is to work in the neuroscience department of the Mayo Clinic.

Q: What are words to live by?
“Each day provides its own gifts” It’s a saying my grandmother and I made a question of and we  asked each other almost every day “what was your gift for today?” No matter how bleak a day may seem there is always something that you can look forward to and holding on to that will make any day at least a little better.


THANK YOU Lucas! We are grateful for you and so happy to have you on our team!
Lucas is pictured here in three looks from our Autumn Retro Collection: 1950s a la movie Grease, 1980s a la Raiders of the Lost Ark, and 1920s a la The Untouchables. All three looks include the 2020 obligatory non-costume mask.