Makers of MN

“Something that is old, worn and forgotten gets a second life in color. The pieces all have meaning and sentimental value but are not being used any longer. It’s all about the juxtaposition” says Julia Moss, local designer who transforms vintage silver into modern creations.

Many of us remember the days of pulling out the good silver and polishing each piece by hand for the guests to ooh-and-aah over. Those days went away with the rotary phone, however Julia is bringing it back with a modern twist! The local entrepreneur happened upon the idea when her son became involved in car shows and told her about this paint process. She takes vintage silver pieces, strips them down, and applies a durable, high-gloss powder-coating process that results in whimsical pieces in eye-catching colors such as bubblegum pink and tiffany blue! These pieces never tarnish, and can be used every day to brighten a table. She also transforms vintage silver sugars and creamers into bud vases for succulents.

Many of us still have our grandmother’s silver right? And Arc’s Value Village is a great place to find additional vintage pieces to complete the set or create into something new. Julia’s favorite piece is her grandmother’s tray given new life in white and her company tagline is appropriately designated “The Next Generation of Silver”.

Meet Julia and hear her story Thursday at 5:30 at the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair. Julia is one of our sponsored Makers and Stephanie Hansen will interview her for an episode of Makers of MN podcast along with Patrick Stinnett of Robinwood Reclaim.