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Robinwood Reclaim is the result of a city kid, Patrick, marrying the North Dakota farm girl, Robin. When the couple met and visited her family farm, they would often spend time driving around the country-side and explore many of the abandoned buildings scattered around them, especially those on her farm.

As they searched, Patrick could not believe all the antiques, or remnants of life, that were simply left behind. Especially an old abandoned granary on Robin’s farm dating back to the late 1800’s. It was set to be burned down and the idea hit. He asked if he could disassemble the granary to save the wood, and the very beginnings of Robinwood Reclaim were set in motion. He used the wood siding to build frames, and the support boards and floor joists to create one-of-a-kind dining tables. His passion for creating unique pieces out of items people left behind has now grown in to his full-time business.

Over the years he has collected and repurposed found items ranging from augers from the scrap metal pile to old grain carts, refinished for coffee tables. He also rummages in the city now through weekly sales and stores like Arc’s Value Village to find the perfect piece to spark creativity or provide the finishing touches.

Robinwood Reclaim has grown to an array of custom products that include lighting, dining tables, custom build furniture pieces, mantels, walls, and barn door closures. His real love is creating something that is special for his customers and their family. “It is really special to take a piece of wood, or items dear to a family, and make an entirely new piece of furniture for them that will last for years,” claims Patrick. “Throughout the entire process, I want my customers to be a part of the process.”

Robinwood Reclaim is a local business in the Glen Lake area of Minnetonka that crafts unique items made from found materials. Every piece carries its own story from the past, ready for the new stories ahead.

When Patrick is not creating custom home furnishings, he is enjoying life with his wife and two kids. As soon as the snow flies, you will frequently find the whole family at one of the many area ski slopes, and Patrick teaching as an avid skier and instructor.

Robinwood Reclaim is part of our #Makers Series! Join us at the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair on Thursday, August 23rd at 5:30 as we broadcast live ‘Makers of MN’ podcast. Patrick and Robin will share their story and preview some of their latest creations.

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