Meet the Designer

Meet the young creative behind our new Thrift Stylists logo!


Annalisa Linn

Annalisa Linn is from Oregon and is a second year Graphic Design major at the University of Minnesota who enjoys the snow and all things design. Annalisa started in September as The Arc Minnesota’s Graphic Design & Community Outreach intern and has completed projects in signage, promotional materials, flyers, and of course, logo design! Her favorite project she has completed so far has been the Thrift Stylists logo. She loves to take brands that are struggling with their identity and help them promote to the public what they are about through the medium of design.


For the Thrift Stylists logo, the main objective was to simply convey what our brand is about: personal shopping and inclusivity. We wanted the logo to be very minimal and approachable as well, helping to convey to potential clients that the goal of this program is to work together in finding their personal style that fits their comfort level and budget. The hanger design was chosen instead of a more gender-specific accessory to show that the service is used by a broad spectrum of people of varied sex, race and ability.

We are very grateful for Annalisa and her talents that she contributes as we work to share our story in our community. Word of mouth is our best advertising so please share this with someone who you think might be interested in a style consultation.


University of Minnesota

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