My journey from Gambia to Arc’s Value Village

My name is Fatou and I was born and raised in Gambia, West Africa and moved to America at the age of 18. I graduated from Patrick Henry High School, studied Mass Communications at the University of Minnesota and graduated from MCTC where I received an Associate Degree in Medical Office Assistance. I work in In-Home Care and work one-on-one with people with disabilities, helping them live a good life and achieve their life goals. I also help them with job search, resume-building and job interview preparation. I enjoy and love what I do. I also help kids with disabilities back home in Gambia by sending them clothes, shoes, books and money for school lunch. Most of the clothes I find at garage sales or thrift stores.

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I was introduced to thrifting by a client’s mother in 2008. I had no idea what thrifting was but I was amazed by all the name brands and I found nice clothes, shoes, handbags and household goods for a great price. Ever since then I’ve shopped at Arc’s Value Village and I buy different brands to show my family and friends. One time I bought a Michael Kors shirt and my sisters were ready to buy it off my back. It was amazing to see how their faces lit up when I told them that I bought it from a thrift store. Unbelievable. You never know what you might find. A person can rock a $500 Michael Kors shirt, and another person will rock that same shirt for less. I find many brand names but none can compare or top my red and black sequins top that I bought at the Richfield store. I made it into a long fancy dress. My client and I like to shop two different locations on Fridays. Years ago I was in the store and met a lady who happened to be wearing a cool shoe so I decided to ask her where she bought them because they really caught my eye. Another customer happened to join in the conversation as well, and she told us that she bought them from Arc’s Value Village! Really! Arc’s Value Village is by far my favorite thrift store. The stores are very well put together, stylish and have well-known name brands. Once you walk in the store you just know you will be walking out with amazing things, without a doubt.



~ ~ Fatou goes by the nickname Tuta and is a Guest Blogger for Arc’s Value Village.

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