Office Holiday Attire!

What to wear to the office holiday party? We’ll save that for another blog and today we’ll share some ideas on what to wear to the OFFICE during the holidays!

The mid-90s ushered in a sea change for office attire and HR was putting out new and improved guidelines and handbooks left and right. Remember? We do! Now it’s 2018 and “dress for your day” has progressed to “you do you” and faded torn jeans are the mode de rigueur. Cool! Those who work remotely are well-versed in the athleisure mode (on the way to the gym, right?) and don’t even own an iron (a what?). So for the last six weeks of every year it’s a fun anomaly to dress for the season!


Where to start? Consider the opposite of Coco Chanel’s famous advice “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” And add one thing such as a silk scarf, gold belt or baubles.

Try updating a regular work outfit with red pumps and red lipstick! Or take that festive plaid shirt and pair it with a cozy red velvet blazer and black velvet skinny pants. The velvet will keep you warm as you dash to your car and the red signals that you are in holiday mode.


If you want to take it up one more level, add in some sparkle! Any outfit from jeans to suits can benefit from sequins. This confirms their suspicions that you take all of your work seriously, even the fun parts! It doesn’t take much to dress for the holidays.


Of course, being the talented business woman that you are, you know the ROI on holiday attire can be prohibitive so you shop at Arc’s Value Village! Average price per item is $5.00 which means you can deck the halls for less than the price of your eggnog latte! And your shopping dollars work hard to support people right here with disabilities. The spirit of the holidays is alive and well!