Remarkable Photographer-y

A picture tells a thousand words and Chris McDuffie is a visual storyteller with volumes of best sellers. Vanessa, Chris’s wife and Arc’s Value Village supporter and stylist, posted a beautiful picture on Instagram one day and credited @mcduffphoto. The photo was remarkable. In search of volunteer photographers for our spring style show, I inquired if Chris was interested and available to photograph our show and indeed he was. To my surprise, I came to learn that this photo was just a small sampling of years of experience as a professional photographer working on high-profile projects including Minnesota Bride, Minnesota Timberwolves and Nike. And for one day we were the lucky star! Our style show was in support of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day and Chris effortlessly captured the unique individuality of each model as they embraced their style. Thank you, Chris, for being an important part of our Village!



Chris McDuffie Photography launched in 2010 from his mom’s basement and has grown to include national and international clients. He comes highly recommended and is available for hire.