Reuse today and support Arc’s Value Village!

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By Sam Graves, Intern
We all know we should reuse items, but do we know why? How do we know if something is “good” enough to be reused? In advance of National Reuse Day October 20, here are a few tips on how you can tell if something is worth reusing, why reusing is important and what to do with reusable items you don’t need:
• Reusable items are durable, especially good quality items.   Currently, just one percent of items we buy are still in use six months later, even though the majority of those items are reusable!

• Good old items can be made into good new ones. Many things  can easily be used to create new things.  Arc’s Value Village’s new Make+Do  section assembles a variety of great items perfect for crafting.  Using old items saves energy and resources because you don’t need to use raw material to make new items.

• Donors of good quality, gently used things feel  great, knowing that their donations  are resold (benefiting people with disabilities served by The Arc), reused or recycled. Wouldn’t you feel good if something you created was in use for generations? Wouldn’t you want to give someone else that awesome feeling?

• Reusable items you don’t need can be donated to Arc’s Value Village! By donating, you support The Arc and its services!

Wondering how to celebrate National Reuse Day in your community?  Click for a list of actions to get you started, put together by the Reuse Alliance Texas chapter.