Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility. What does it mean? A famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind, “The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” The first time I ever really heard that quote was from our former CEO here at The Arc Minnesota when I first started the job, and it is always on my mind. As human beings we have a responsibility to one another because no one gets through this  life alone. I chuckle at successful “self-made” people who claim they made it on their own because that is an impossible scenario. It takes a Village.


Arc’s Value Village is pleased to accept the honorable award presented by Minnesota Retailers Association for Social Responsibility. This award speaks to the passion and purpose that our whole organization demonstrates every day. We conduct our business ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Not only does the money generated in our four thrift stores support programs for people with disabilities through The Arc Minnesota but our stores’ commitment to recycling makes us good leaders in sustainable living. Given the times that we are living in and slim resources, it is important to support social enterprises like Arc’s Value Village.


This award extends to all of our Villagers as well – whether you shop, donate, or volunteer your time you support social responsibility through your actions. Together as a Village we generate funding for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc Minnesota provides one-on-one advocacy in the areas of housing, healthcare, education and more. These are basic human needs, and we feel it is our responsibility to promote and protect these rights for society’s vulnerable members.


It takes a VILLAGE!

Molly King, Marketing Manager

Left to Right: Hillary Feder, Molly King, Greg Rue, Lonnie McQuirter