Spotlight: Jasmine

“jasstyle101 mentioned you in their story” is a common notification received on Arc’s Value Village social media. Who is @jasstyle101 and why does she mention Arc’s Value Village so often?

Jasmine Komora
Jesus + mom + fashion + motivation – helping women be stylishly affordable. Content creator.

Intrigued by her Instagram profile, we met with Jasmine via phone to learn more about her kind heart.

Like many of our guests, Jasmine loves us for our Rewards membership program, our low prices, our mission to help others, and our three stores. Her whole goal on social media is to help women shop affordably. “Many influencers shop high end, but you don’t need to” she says. “You don’t have to buy high end; it’s not about price, but how you wear it. Wear the clothes; don’t let the clothes wear you!” This fits nicely with our philosophy at Arc’s Value Village: Embrace Your Style!

Jasmine was born in Liberia and moved to Minnesota when she was 8. Her grandma got her into thrifting, and used to take her thrifting in St. Paul. Now she’s married with four kids, and they love thrifting too!

When asked about a style icon Jasmine responded that she does not have one style icon but is open to all. She is versatile. “Keep it open, not forced style. I once shaved off my hair and it felt free. Bold. No boxes. No rules. And I showcased beauty without hair as well as head wraps and culture.” Jasmine’s Instagram feed is a burst of color, positivity and variety as she mixes it up quite a bit, with the common thread being stylishly affordable.

Jasmine is family oriented and lives life to the fullest. She says that every day is not all great, so find the good in your day. Like thrifting, find the good! Jasmine is a photographer and specializes in family photos, events and weddings. To contact Jasmine:

Instagram @jasstyle101