Staying Motivated During Quarantine

How To Stay Motivated During Quarantine AND NOW Winter


Well this blog post is a little different. I thought that since we’re all in the same boat together, we’re all probably dreading the winter months that are full of dreary days while we’re still in quarantine. Being an entrepreneur myself where I don’t have the time to be “not motivated”, I thought I would share some quick tips and tricks to help YOU!

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1 – Stick with a routine & get ready for the day

We’ve heard it over and over throughout the whole course of quarantine: Get up at a decent time and stick with a routine – It’s totally true! Actually, getting ready goes hand-in-hand with that as well. For example: You should do your hair; whether that’s just brushing it or if you’re like me, I sometimes just like to throw it up in a bun. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that show you how to do effortless hair-do’s including bun styles too! Take advantage of it. When I do a quick hairstyle, it helps with my productivity because I’m “acting” like I’m full-on getting ready for the day (i.e. going into the office).

Now as you guys know I’m no beauty expert, but for me personally, putting on a light layer of foundation, concealer, mascara and a pop of color with my lipstick after washing my face really wakes me up – it truly does motivate me for the day. Again, just by having the motion of getting ready to go somewhere really can affect your mood.

2 – Wear color!

We live in Minnesota which means most of the time our winter days consist of no sunshine. To feel refreshed and lively, try wearing a bright color top! In another blog post of mine I talked about how quarantine was a great time to experiment since you aren’t around people. So I’ll say it again – If you have been wanting to try a new color, now is the time! If you’re scared of color or maybe don’t own anything yet, try playing with color in your jewelry, lipstick, pants or shoes. By having a big piece of color away from your face is an easy transition into something new.


3 – Wear form fitting bottoms

I personally found that changing out from your classic pj bottoms that are flowy and comfortable to a comfy legging, I feel more motivated! I have given a lot of my clients this advice and they all have felt differently when they wear a more form fitting bottom, in a good way! Now, it doesn’t have to be a skinny jean per say, it could be a legging like I mentioned, a nylon/polyester jogger, jeggings, etc.


4 – Footwear

Yes, productivity can go all the way to your footwear. Switch out those slippers for a pair of loafer slippers (i.e. ones with grippers on the bottom, they feel more like shoes). You will also find by just wearing a comfy sneaker or a loafer will make a difference too! Yup! I do wear sneakers around the house sometimes. I personally also have slip-on mules, even before quarantine, I wore them as a “house slipper”.


5 – Fresh flowers and plants

There are several articles out there and I have actually talked about it a million times on my social media – it’s a proven fact that by having live plants and flowers in the house they can increase productivity and are a natural mood booster. BONUS: They help absorb toxins too! Whether you get multiple arrangements from a local flower shop or just get 1 bunch from the store to put on your desk, it will help.


6 – Get outside!

If you’re like me, I need sun and fresh air! I don’t need to go to a lot of places because everything is virtual now, but I do appreciate a great walk to my mailbox for just a few minutes 😉


7 – Have a ‘to-do’ list and a ‘completed’ list 

We always talk about a to do list and how it holds you accountable…but we always add to it. To help with motivation and your mood, keep a ‘completed’ list. Once I get a task done, I put it on my completed list. I immediately feel better about my day and what tomorrow is going to bring when I see a list of things I actually got done rather than a long list of things that I STILL need to get done. It makes me more productive and allows me to actually get MORE done. Try it 😉


So there you have it, a few tips and tricks that have helped me so far. Hopefully they help you! If you find yourself needing some form fitting bottoms, some colored tops or even some ‘to-do list’ notepads, you can book a virtual appointment with any of our personal shoppers, including myself! Hpoe to see you soon!


Til next time, 

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