Style Show Co-Emcee Anahita Champion

We are pleased to announce the co-emcee of our spring style show is Anahita Champion! As an on-air talent, emcee, and event correspondent, Anahita has captured the attention and admiration of thousands of viewers and collaborators. Anahita has interviewed Hollywood A-List stars, athletes and entertainers on the red carpet at events such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation Awards Gala, Twin Cities Film Fest Gala, Ivey Awards, and Minnesota Oscar Experience.

She has hosted fan engagement interviews and activities at sporting events including the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins season openers. She has emceed fashion shows, wellbeing seminars, workshops, empowerment speaker series, and award events. She has been the voice heard by thousands on voice-over projects as well as on-air radio segments.

Anahita has been featured as a “who’s who” among Twin Cities Creatives at the 2017 I AM MPLS! event. Anahita has been spotted numerous times on marketing material mailed to prospective students for local colleges and universities and has additional experience with print and commercial work.

Anahita’s personality brings a level of comfort and a dash of sass, while her strength of adapting to her environment and atmosphere allows her to connect with her surroundings and guests. Her humor and charm has allowed others that she engages with to enjoy the moment and forget about the noises of everyday busy life. Known as a social butterfly, it’s not uncommon for her to break the ice or make jokes to lighten the mood when needed.

Her charisma has captivated those in her network, guests and audiences that engage with her at events and on her variety YouTube show. Her series “HitaTalk” is embarking on its third season encompassing interviews, activities and fun trivia with “Wonder Women of the Twin Cities” as she chats with women in media, women in creative fields, women entrepreneurs, and women of color.

Born into a deeply rooted and rich historic Persian culture, Anahita has paved a way for herself after her family immigrated to the U.S when she was just two years old. Growing up as a Persian-American has allowed her to further her experiences and diversify connections socially, culturally and professionally. She takes pride in her cultural background as she values the camaraderie, hospitality and respectable community she stems from.

Higher education is an essential asset in the Persian culture, but also one that Anahita personally values. Achieving her Masters of Art degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Anahita has found her niche in an area that she is most passionate about. Her audacious demeanor and ambitions have lead her down a colorful path full of creativity.

Anahita has an abundant amount of experience in business and brand management. She has an extensive background in public relations and marketing as she previously owned a Public Relations & Brand Management boutique agency. Anahita enjoys helping others develop their brand and gain success, as she actively offers brand consulting to business owners. In 2017, she launched her co-founded company, Joonlite Werks, with her equally talented and creative minded husband, Danami- Maurice (a Motown Soul & Hip Hop Artist and Brand Strategist). Fun Fact: He originally hired her for PR services, and after the project completed he showed interest on a personal level. The rest is happy history.

One of her ultimate priorities, pride and joys is her family. From childhood, Anahita has enjoyed spending time with her cousins, and immersing herself in large family gatherings. Her passion for the spotlight sparked at a young age when she was photographed playing her “air guitar” in her living room at the fruitful age of 3. Growing up, it was rather common for Anahita and her cousins to spend time at holiday gatherings crafting a talent show as entertainment for the festivities. Through high school cheerleading, college event committees and dance choreography, and into her adult years as a Twin Cities personality, Anahita has made her mark in the entertainment limelight.

As much as she enjoys a strappy set of heels, sparkly jewelry and hair & make-up done for an event, Anahita is one gal that truly appreciates the simple elements of life. She spends her summers mostly outdoors camping, hiking, taking lakeside or rooftop yoga classes. She is a big fan of trying new and different pizza shops just as much as she loves making homemade tacos or baking cookies while watching movies or playing games with her husband and beautiful young daughter.


Our third annual style show will be held Saturday, March 10th in support of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Event is free and open to the public, and the theme is Embrace Your Style. Details. We are grateful to Anahita for lending her talents to our style show and co-emceeing with our in-house stylist Michelle Raven. Please see below for Anahita’s contact information:

Anahita Champion
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