Stylist Spotlight: Melissa

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Today we are delighted to feature our thrift stylist Melissa, who believes working for The Arc is rewarding. She gets to help people inside and out with their style, and finds the charitable aspect motivating. Melissa is local from Bloomington and got into the fashion industry at the young age of sixteen. Melissa says she loves working with people, dressing them and making them feel good about themselves. Our personal shopper service is free, and so is the honest advice Melissa gives, which she names as her strength. “Not only do I dress people accordingly, but I also like to educate them so they know how to style themselves when I’m not there.”

“Melissa picked out some great outfits and clothes for me. I have never done this before but it was helpful for me to learn some things to pair together and how to find other outfits to put together. I don’t have a lot of time to shop for myself so it was great to walk in and have things picked out to try on and see what worked. Definitely recommend to others!” says our client Kevin.

Melissa’s personal style changes every day, depending on mood. “One day I could go with a boho feel, the next 70s with bell bottoms or I’ll dress modern chic! I embrace my style by owning it. If my style matches my mood, I carry it in a positive way” she says. Bell bottoms are her favorite fashion trend from her lifetime. Melissa turns to Pinterest for her inspiration, as well as Instagram and is inspired by Hilary Rushford’s always-changing style. You never know what you’ll find on the thrifting treasure hunt, and Melissa’s favorite find of all time is a silver & black jacket that likely was a Mother-of-the-Bride dress at one time. Melissa gets tons of compliments on it and says, “you just have to style those ugly jackets, right?”

As for Fall 2018, the color trends are plum, burgundy and forest greens however Melissa is looking forward to adding white into the mix and, “yes you can wear white after Labor Day! I’m also excited for leather!”

When Melissa is not styling at Arc’s Value Village, she is running her wardrobe and prop styling business, as well as her events business. She is a Jackie-of-all-Trades and we are lucky to have her on our team of thrift stylists! Melissa can be contacted at and on Instagram @MH_style_consulting .

“First time in, Melissa had never met me. I ended up with so many more items than expected… so a huge success! Very easy to work with and did not take it personally when I did not love or need a piece. Had terrific suggestions for various looks. I can see doing this quarterly to refresh. So easy. So helpful. Melissa made it very fun (I don’t love shopping). Thanks Melissa!” Arc’s Value Village Client Shelly