Sweater Weather Hacks

It’s here, probably every woman’s favorite  season, Fall! All the layering, sweaters and everything pumpkin spice, am I right?! And who doesn’t think comfy sweaters are the greatest ‘work from home’ quarantine outfit? Just wear it with a pair of your favorite slippers, some leggings and call it good!


I have definitely done a lot of sweater shopping for my clients, let me tell you. If you have shopped with me before you probably know that not only do I style and shop for you, but I also make it into a workshop so YOU are confident and comfortable shopping on your own. One of the things I go over (especially with sweaters) is the life hacks to each and every thing; i.e. how to care for it, why you need to accessorize it, etc. So with that being said, I thought I would write about my sweater life hacks so YOU are good to go for this season and into next:


1 – Lighter knits can be tucked in and layered

Yes, you read that right. Just because the name of the top is a ‘sweater’, doesn’t mean you can’t tuck it into a skirt or a pant, including denim. Just like the trend of front tucking, by tucking in a sweater, it can elevate the look and can really change the whole vibe.

You can also layer it under a utility jacket (a fall must-have), denim jacket or even a blazer! This is also a great hack when it’s a little too cold out for just a sweater, but it’s too warm out to wear an actual jacket.

2 – Boat neck or a high crew neck sweater requires a scarf or a statement necklace

    When it comes to a high neckline, you want to elongate the look. By adding a scarf or a v-shaped statement bib necklace, you will accomplish that. When in doubt, try on the sweater by itself and take a look in the mirror then put on a necklace or scarf and take a look again. What looks better? You could also try a long pendant necklace as well.


3 – If the sweater is heavier on the bottom, fold it – do not hang!

The key to caring for your sweaters is knowing your fabric. With that being said, if something is heavier on the bottom than the neckline and you hang it in your closet, it WILL stretch out. Fold it, ladies.


4 – Sweaters made with rayon and modal will stretch

Continuing on with “knowing your fabrics”, this is another fabric that will stretch. Those softer, lighter knits are the ones that will stretch when you pull up the sleeves or hang it to dry. When in doubt, when trying it on, pull up the sleeves and if it seems like they keep falling down or look stretched out after a few minutes, that is exactly what will happen to the WHOLE sweater over time. And don’t forget to fold them!

That’s it my friends. If you want to shop for some fall sweaters (and winter, since it’s around the corner) + learn about the ‘How To’s’, visit the Arc’s Value Village personal shopping link below. Happy Fall everyone!



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