T-Short, Short Story

By Annette Hanley, Guest Blogger

The t-shirt is a staple of the American wardrobe. Each tells a story of where we have been, where we are today and where we are going.  Millions are printed every day, each promoting a different cause, event or idea. But things change and another t-shirt is printed. I take those discarded memories and transform them into something new.  T-Shorts are simply t-shirts made in to shorts. T-Short Short Stories is my blog and are the stories each item tells.

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A third-life crisis prompted me to quit my job and establish a small, part-time crafting business. My work is aimed at inventing new products that can be mass produced from existing material.  ‘Trash into treasure’ using the Henry Ford assembly model. Once the product is perfected through research and testing, I plan to open an online shop and provide DIY instructions. The personal goal is to have a steady revenue stream from my hobby while building a crafting community. As a former nonprofit fundraiser, I know how important money is to making change. I shop for my DIY craft materials at Arc Value Village because I know they are aimed at maximizing every donation to best support The Arc Greater Twin Cities, a local nonprofit helping people with disabilities. Read The Arc’s strategic plan here.


T-Shorts is the first of many inventions. As is the process of invention, each product requires research and development. Every t-shirt is different. From the print to the cotton weight. Even though the process can mass produce the product, every t-shirt requires special adjustments due to it’s unique nature.


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