The Magic of Determination


Are You Determined?

I’m what one might call “selectively determined.” I don’t always choose to exercise my strong sense of determination, but when I do – watch out.

Things will happen.

So when do I choose to be determined?

I am NOT determined when it comes to physical activity.

Me when running for longer than 30 seconds: “This really hurts. I think I have a stitch in my side. I should probably stop before I really hurt myself.”

But I am totally determined when it comes to saving money.

It’s sometimes scary what we can manifest when we really pour our focus and energy into something. Many of us have experience doing this for others and for our jobs and careers – but I’m talking about the kind of determination that’s all about getting what YOU want.

I’m about to share one of my best secrets for saving money AND having more fun, but first I want to tell you how determination led me to this amazing discovery.

I was cranky and needed new clothes. Nothing seemed to fit anymore but I was too stubborn to buy anything – I was trying to pay off the last few thousand dollars on my student loans and I definitely wasn’t up for spending $$$ on a bunch of new clothes.

Did I mention that I’m also bad at picking out clothes for myself and easily get discouraged / annoyed? Yeah, I’m a real dream to shop with.

I kept fantasizing about hiring a personal stylist to help me but the price tag, given my big goal of paying off my student loans, just didn’t make sense. I desperately wanted help but it was feeling like a no-win situation.

Until I became determined.

I just KNEW there had to be an answer out there somewhere. Some way to have a better shopping experience that also fit my budget. It seemed a bit crazy – like I was asking the universe for too much… but I was determined.

So I googled the sh*t out of personal shoppers, discount stores, consignment shops, personal stylists, etc. I tried a million magical combinations of these words over the next several days. The hours were starting to add up (as was my frustration).

But then… a twinkling star on the horizon.

There was a local thrift store that had started an amazing new program. They hired personal shoppers to help you shop their stores. And the best part? It was FREE. Add in the super affordable merchandise – Bingo!

Eureka – I’d found it!!

For those who are curious, here’s how it works:

You fill out an online client profile before your session. The shopper arrives early and pre-shops the store for you. You then spend 90 fun-filled minutes being handed loads of clothes that are just your size and picked out for your body type and style preference. For FREE. And then when you’re ready to buy #allthethings, you pay THRIFT STORE prices for them.

Say what?!

So how did it turn out? It was AMAZING.

In fact, I just completed my third shop this weekend. The photo shows what I walked into with lots more waiting for me just outside the dressing room.

Let this be an example of the magic we create when we believe in something (no matter how crazy-sounding) and proceed with determination.

What would you like to manifest in your life right now? Can you access that part of you that’s determined to have a good outcome? What baby steps can you take today that will help lead to the result you want?

– Katrina


Katrina McGhee is a supporter of The Arc and posted this blog September 10, 2017 on her blog.  Katrina can be contacted at