The Ultimate Treasure!

Treasure Hunting at Arc’s Value Village. You often hear us talk about the thrill of thrifting and the optimistic anticipation of finding that treasure you always wanted. For our store managers Theresa and Greg that treasure was marriage! Yes, love in a thrift store! For Valentine’s Day this year we want to share the sweetest love story of how Theresa and Greg met and their story:


When did you start working at Arc’s Value Village?

Greg:  I started at Richfield in the fall of 1994. I had shopped Richfield a couple times, hated my current job and thought it would be way more fun to work at a thrift store. The thing that sealed it, my interview was outside sitting next to the dumpster.

Theresa:  I had some free time while I was taking graduate school courses and decided to volunteer some place that had meaning to me.   My brother David lives with several physical and intellectual disabilities.   I was very familiar with Arc on a personal level.   I began volunteering at our Richfield location in September 1999, and became a sales associate the following month.   It was actually Greg who gave me the volunteer application.



When and how did you meet?

Theresa:  We  both were at the Richfield store at the same time.

Greg:  I like how Theresa glazed over this. Yes, we met at Richfield. We spent a year going out with other villagers after work. We always had a blast hanging out together. We eventually decided to give dating a try. I always get a kick sharing that my boss found out we were dating because I was asked to do Theresa’s review, knowing it was a conflict, I told my boss. Very few people realized we were dating, some only found out when we had an engagement celebration at the store. We are also the reason The Arc has a “dating” policy in the personnel policies.



What do you admire about your spouse at work?

Theresa:  Greg’s willingness to jump into any task that is needed.  He would not ask someone to do a task that he would not be willing to do himself.

Greg:  Early on I would have said her fearlessness. She is not afraid to handle any situation. More recently I admire how she coaches and trains people. Instead of just answering a question or pointing where something is, she will stop what she is doing and ask the person how they might be able to answer their own question or solve their own problem. She will never take the easy way out, she wants the staff person to grow, learn and be empowered.



What is your favorite thing to do as a couple not at work?

Theresa:  Traveling the world.  When traveling the US, pre-pandemic we started to visit presidential libraries.

Greg:  I would have to agree with the travel. We have it down and travel great together. When I first met Theresa, I hated to travel; she showed me how fun it is.



What do you buy repeatedly at Arc’s Value Village?

Theresa:  I am a devout minimalist, but I do purchase many of the Arc Minnesota masks for family and myself.

Greg:  I’m a sucker for cufflinks at this point. Theresa would say I am a hoarder, but I’m getting better.



What else?

Theresa:  When we got married 18 years ago, we didn’t have a wedding party , but we did have our 2 Siamese cats at the wedding.

Greg: That’s a fun fact that Theresa mentioned!


You can find Theresa and Greg hard at work on any day of the week and after hours too. Never seeking the spotlight, they agreed to this story to not only show the fun of our thrift store culture, but to bring attention to the importance of Arc’s Value Village during the pandemic to provide much-needed revenue for The Arc Minnesota and the people who we serve, namely people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. Please consider making a financial donation or shopping contribution today.