Stylist Spotlight: Sara Stamschror-Lott

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Today we are delighted to feature our thrift stylist Sara Stamschror-Lott! Sara hails from Lake City and now lives with her wonderful family here in the Twin Cities. Sara has worked with Arc’s Value Village for a few years as a thrift stylist and personal shopper, and you may recognize her gorgeous smile from our style shows as well! I asked Sara how she got into thrifting and fashion: “When I was in elementary school, my mom would take us to this place called “The Children’s Exchange” in Rochester, MN.  I remember being able to wear all of the best clothes (name brands too) without spending a ton of money. My mom was a single mom, who also loved the thrill of a good treasure hunt, and we would scour the racks for the best clothing and accessories.  AND…no one ever had the same clothes as me, which was my favorite part!   I also spent quite a bit of time with my aunt in Minneapolis as a kid (which is a big deal when you grow up in rural Minnesota), so I was exposed to different types of style.  And in turn, I started wearing the wildest things I could get my hands on.  Plastic python dresses, platform sandals with stars cut out of them, Marilyn Manson T-Shirts…you name it.  I wanted all the stuff no one else in my school was wearing.  So, I just grew up with fashionable women that knew how to make and put things together that were special.  I was just born with the love and fascination of fashion in my veins.”

Sara’s experience selling evening gowns to pageant queens and brides makes her an asset on our team. She has an innate understanding of what will complement a woman’s body, and understands what alterations need to be done to make something perfect. When you see Sara it is easy to see that she cares about fashion and has an eye for style and details. I asked her to describe her personal style, and who is her style inspiration: “I am pretty eclectic.  I like anything that tells a story or is eye-catching and unique.  I also have an obsession with VINTAGE.  That word gets my motor goin!!!!, LOL!  More recently, since becoming a mom, my style has also shifted to include really comfortable oversized pieces that I can layer.  Hats, jewels and glasses have also become a typical part of my daily uniform.  In general I just love when people ask me about some of my crazy pieces because I am a narrative therapist after all…I love to tell a story.  And if it has an animal on it, you better believe that it is coming home with me. I just try to take “risks” and wear things that make me feel joy.  Both of my grandmas are my style inspirations.  My maternal grandma, still to this day, will not leave the house unless she looks perfect and will painstakingly plan and primp for any outing. Her attention to detail and perfection has taught me about the importance of well-made clothes and the benefit of being put together head to toe.  And my paternal granny taught me the power of the extras.  She is certainly more casual about her clothing than my maternal grandma, but this woman would not be caught dead without a full face of makeup, a perfectly poofed head of hair, long pointy pink finger nails and a brightly colored bag with matching wallet.  Granny also wears diamonds and gemstones every. single. day.  Newly designed or vintage.  She also mixes faux with the real stuff and you would never tell the difference.  I also dig the style of Beyonce (because DUH!!!!…who doesn’t!) Stevie Knicks, Gwen Stefani and Janelle Monae to name a few.”

For Fall 2018, we will see Sara in dark and jewel tones. Expect to see her in bellbottoms and hats too! “When in doubt, add a hat!” says Sara.

To know Sara is to also know her family, who have also modeled in our Embrace Your Style show. I asked Sara what she does outside of styling for Arc’s Value Village: “I am a relatively new mom to my one year old daughter Zola, a dog mama to my rescued poodle Rusty and a wifey to my husband Jamil.   I love these three SO SO SO much and would love to spend all my free time with them.  I could just squeeze and soak them up all day every day. My husband and I also own our own private practice and mental health consultation corporation, Stamschror-Lott, LLC . As a marriage and family therapist, I provide mental health therapy to teens, young adults, couples and families.  I specialize in trauma, depression and anxiety.  I use art and experience to assist in client healing.  I absolutely love the work I do because I am able to be creative and witness people change their lives for the better!”

Beauty, brains and heart; Sara has it all! I asked her what it means to her to work for a human rights organization: “Here is the deal…my whole life is about helping others and I simply would not have it any other way.  I am a lover…not a fighter and I believe if we all put a little bit back into the world…it would be a better place for everyone all around.  Also, the mission of Arc, to help people in our community with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is a mission that hits close to home for me.  My aunt Jeanette was born with a developmental disability and she played an important role in my life, teaching me compassion and love for all!  Because of her, and countless other incredible people, I am happy and proud to work with a team that gives back to this community every single day in countless ways!”


It takes a Village and we are so grateful to have Sara in our Village! Sara works on our team of stylists who help our clients look great and embrace their style. Shopping, donating and volunteering at Arc’s Value Village helps support people with disabilities through programs of The Arc Minnesota. Follow our team of fun and fashionable stylists on Instagram @ThriftStylists (plural, because we are a team!)


Sara Stamschror-Lott @ladydextergoesrogue