Thrifty Traveler

By Guest Blogger & Stylist Melissa Hernandez Erickson

Who’s been traveling this summer? I am sure a lot of you have, especially with this weird summer Minnesota has been having. How many of you had difficulty packing? Or maybe you just dread it all together when that time comes? Then I would keep reading!


As I mentioned in my original post, I am one of the personal shoppers at Arc’s Value Village and I’m also a wardrobe stylist with my own company, MH Style Consulting. Many clients come to Arc’s Value Village that bring up they are going on vacation and they need something. Also clients have me come over and conduct a Closet Analysis and pack FOR them!


My secret: Versatility! If you did in fact read my first post on this blog, you read about the jumpsuit. Not only do I recommend a jumpsuit and/or a dress (not going to lie, when I’m packing for myself, 90% of it is just maxi dresses or jumpsuits. So easy peasy, you just throw on and go), but I recommend these key travel pieces, too:

Sleeveless green top: $3.99

Carry-on suitcase: $3.99


You should have a “nicer material” of a top like this sleeveless tank (this one is specifically polyester). You can wear it with jeans, shorts, or even with these twill pants seen here. It’s so easy to layer too!

Coral & white striped button-up: $4.99 >> $2.50 (50% sale, did you get anything?)


For those chillier days or even to layer over a tank, you should pack a classic button-up.

Oversized grey tee: $4.99

Blue oxfords: $5.99


Not only should everyone pack that jean jacket for a variety of reasons, but pack that statement shoe! Also, you can never go wrong with an oversized tee. Bring any neutral; black, grey, white, you name it! 

And for pants? Black denim + medium wash denim are always safe.


Quiz – How many outfits can you get out of these looks mentioned, including the jumpsuit / dress? Write me and let me know 😉


Til next time,

-Melissa / IG: @MH_style_consulting / Facebook @MHstyleconsulting