Wedding Season Is Here!

There is no doubt about it that I have bought dresses or special event wear for that one occasion then never wore it again. How many of you are guilty of this too? ?♀️ Being a professional thrifter, one-off outfits like this can easily be thrifted. Whether you’re buying a few pieces for interviewing, a special event like a gala (aka the events where you can’t wear the same thing the following year), or for those rehearsal / groom’s dinners as well as engagement photos. It’s cheaper and it’s a no-risk considering you’ll be wearing it once.


Dress: $8.99
Pendant Necklace: $3.99
Shoes: $7.99 each
Tweed Blazer: $12.99
Blue Button-up: $6.99

When shopping for your engagement shoot, make sure that 1) Your outfit matches the location you’ll be shooting at. You want to make sure the vibe compliments one another. 2) You don’t have to match your significant other, but you do want to make sure the colors compliment one another. Look at this berry dress with the brown tweed, this is a perfect example ?

Ann Taylor Ivory Blouse: $6.99
Vintage Brown Velvet Wide Leg Pants: $7.99
Necklace: $3.99
Gold Vintage Sweater: $6.99
Banana Republic Blue Pants; $8.99

A lot of people go straight for a blazer for the guy and a dress for the girl, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to. Think outside the box like we did here. Separates are just fine, it just comes down to not grabbing a piece that has more of a casual material, think a t-shirt for example. The nice thing about this option is that you most likely CAN wear it again separately whether it’s to a date night, work, holiday party, etc.

Fun fast fact: If you are someone reading this and you are in this boat right now, during COVID, we do have Virtual Personal Shopping appointments available through Arc’s Value Village!. If you feel overwhelmed and still don’t know what to do, just click the link below and we’ll take care of you ?

Till next time,
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Photo credits: ?: @mckeehenphotography, Hair/makeup: @lhnbeauty, Models: @manders_xoxx & @micah_strongarms, Wardrobe: @arcsvaluevillage, Styled by @thriftstylists


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