Who’s Ready for Spring?

Okay, how many of you are thankful for the crazy nice weather we have been getting here in Minnesota? I mean, it feels like it’s not even winter anymore (knock on wood). Was the groundhog right when he predicted spring is going to come early this year?! Fingers crossed ?

Well no matter what the situation is, I have to say that with all the days without sunshine, I need some color in my life around this time of year. The weather has a lot to do with the clothing we wear, and I’m specifically talking about the COLOR of clothing we wear. I’m fully convinced that people here in the Midwest dress in darker clothes BECAUSE of the gloominess.

Now think about it – If someone wears a bright color during the “off season”, you’ll probably be more drawn towards them. However, what if you’re someone that’s scared of color? I promise you if you wear a bright color (per my last blog post, maybe try a royal blue first), you will feel more confident wearing it moving forward because people will compliment you more and more…and it’s all because they aren’t used to seeing it in the dead of winter.

Teal Dress Pants: $12.99

Tie-Neck Pink Blouse: $6.99

You’ll notice in this photo that I’m full of color, but because the pants are a bit darker it tones it down. This is teal, aka a jewel tone. Jewel tones are the winter version of all the bright summer colors. Bright blue is equivalent to navy, or this teal. Green is equivalent to forest green. Red is equivalent to maroon or a burgundy. You probably get my drift. With that being said….

If you want color in the winter but you’re scared because it may be too bright, wear a jewel tone instead.

If you do want to wear that bright color such as a red or yellow, pair it with a texture to winterize it or even a darker color such as a black or a navy to tone it down. It’s all about the layering.

Another tip (which is a repeat tip from another blog post of mine) is wear the color in your jewelry, handbag or on your feet. 

Or my thought is, wear all the color! Who cares about what season it is. Again, if you wear something that makes you happy, you’ll carry yourself with confidence. In result of, you’ll get compliments which means you’ll be rockin all the bright colors in no time ?

What’s your favorite color to wear in the winter?


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