Young Vision

Lights. Camera. Action. That’s just where the story begins for Cinematographer Gabe Hostetler. Gabe’s use of timing, color, sound and motion reveal something otherwise missed. His layers of video, voice, music and sound touch the senses. His quiet intuition guides his creativity. In this world of self-promoting selfies and self-proclaimed producers his work is a breath of fresh air. He is young and he has vision. He is Young Vision Films.

We first worked with Gabe a year ago on a project for Fashion Week Minnesota and were impressed with his ability to tell a good story through film. We were fortunate to have him back in Minneapolis for the holidays and to work together to tell a new story. Our story. Our story is one that celebrates diversity, inclusion, individuality and style. The video is fun and portrays fashion in an approachable way, while intentionally raising awareness on the purpose of our thrift store. The theme of the video is ‘Embrace Your Style’ and that is what we do best. Gabe dreams of impacting the world one video at a time, and we are so happy for his success! We hope that you enjoy the video too. Click photo below to link to video:

Join us March 10th in support of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day at our Style Show. Event is free and open to the public. Details:


Gabe is a 2017 graduate of Robbinsdale Armstrong Senior High School in Plymouth, and is currently studying filmmaking at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. His work has earned him many awards and is available on his website:
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