Thanksgiving 2020 looks a little different. Likely you’re planning a smaller group, and possibly missing a few people and the special attributes and dishes they bring to share. From Uncle John’s famous cocktails to Aunt Winnie’s ambrosia Jell-O and Grandma’s homemade pie Thanksgiving brings specific memories tied to the people and food. A particular plate or pan can quickly bring us to another time and place. Arc’s Value Village is here to support your Nostalgic Holidays as best we can by providing these items that spark sentimental and joyful gatherings. Perhaps you have been promoted to Chef this Thanksgiving and need some thrifty pans to roast your first turkey? Perhaps you are baking and delivering your pies and bread to friends and need pie pans and baskets that don’t need to be returned? Perhaps you want to set your table reminiscent of your childhood table? Arc’s Value Village is the perfect place to find treasures for your Nostalgic Holidays. And your shopping dollars support a great cause, in turn spreading the gratitude. Whatever your Thanksgiving plans, we are thankful for your support and grateful for this community.

We’ve partnered with The Weekly Dish to share inspiring stories from around town. Check out the recent episode with myTalk107 staple Stephanie Hansen and Stephanie March (Food & Dining editor MSP Magazine)  as we dish about Nostalgic Holidays and some creative things that people are doing to make Thanksgiving special this year.






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