Nostalgic Holidays

Because sometimes a little comfort food goes a long way!   January in Minnesota is typically a great time to huddle inside and cuddle up with cozy food and a blanket. This year even more so! We recently chatted with The Weekly Dish on episode three of our three-part Nostalgic Holidays series to talk about not only our nostalgic memories of mom’s very Minnesotan crockpot meals but also some really practical reasons to start using a crockpot if you haven’t already done so. New to home cooking? Crock pot is fail proof! Looking for budget-friendly food that pleases all family members? Crock pots!! Looking to start a plant-based or dairy-free diet? Crock pots! Arc’s Value Village is the perfect place to stock your budget-friendly kitchen, and a great place to donate once-loved housewares for someone else to now enjoy. Happy cooking, Villagers!

January’s Comfort Foods Episode:


December’s Holiday Episode:


November’s Thanksgiving Episode:






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