5 Places to Find The Perfect Vintage Inspired Wardrobe This Fall

It’s a new season, which means a new wardrobe to accommodate the weather! However, a new wardrobe can be expensive, and it’s not accessible or affordable for most. Adding to that, how do you build a new autumn wardrobe with the hottest style of the season? Just like Autumn, vintage and retro are back! So how do you access vintage and retro clothing that is affordable? Let’s explore!


Shopping online gives more variety and options, especially if you’re looking for something specific. There are so many different online shops with different styles of clothing perfect for you. The downside of shopping online is that it’s usually more expensive for vintage and retro inspired items. Luckily, with platforms like EBay and Depop you can haggle on the pricing, or you can find a reseller with the same items for a lower price. Other downsides include that there’s also no way of being sure that whatever you’re getting will fit you if the seller doesn’t include accurate measurements. Additionally, depending on what you’re buying, it can be hard sometimes to tell if it’s actually vintage or a knock off. Doing your diligence on researching name brand clothing and vintage styles can help combat the risk of being duped with a dud.

Thrift stores and resale shops

Thrifting is an affordable way to get vintage, retro inspired, and second-hand clothing but with the current vintage demand, it’s harder to find vintage clothing at most thrift stores. Current obstacles to the most thrift stores include competing with resellers and rising prices. Nevertheless, there are still affordable thrift stores in your area!

Arc’s Value Village

On the topic of fun and affordable thrift stores, Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores and Donation Centers are great places to find vintage and retro inspired outfits, accessories and décor at incredible prices! Each fall we put out our Autumn Retro Collection—a curated collection of vintage and retro pieces to help you build the perfect ‘fits for fall! The 2022 Autumn Retro Collection started September 24th and continues through October 31, 2022.

Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores and Donation Centers fund The Arc Minnesota. The Arc Minnesota provides resources and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their trusted supporters to build a more welcoming world for all.

Flea markets

Wherever you are, there’s sure to be a flea market with many vendors and local businesses selling a wide variety of new and old items. Flea markets happen throughout the year, but mostly outdoors when it’s nice out. It’s a great alternative to finding vintage, retro inspired, and other secondhand clothing for affordable prices. Vintage sellers normally have racks of clothing that you can sort through and find your pick.

Vintage exclusive stores

Typically, most vintage stores will have more high-end and designer vintage clothing that’s been hand-picked by their experts. It tends to be more expensive, especially if you’re shopping online.

Overall, while finding vintage can be inaccessible and expensive, there are plenty of affordable options and opportunities to find the perfect pieces for your collection. You can keep it local and more affordable by shopping thrift stores and flea markets, or go online to find those specific, special pieces. Don’t forget to shop our Autumn Retro Collection at an Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store and Donation Center near you!


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