Donation Hours Are Subject to Change

Richfield  10-2 Mon-Sat  |  Bloomington  10-6 Mon-Sat, Sun 10-4  |  New Hope  10-6 Daily

Please read below for our new process and call for questions not answered here:
Richfield 612-861-9550  |  Bloomington 952-818-8708  |  New Hope 763-544-0006

What to know before you go:

  • Computers, TV, and baby equipment are not accepted
  • Furniture approval is based on onsite inspection and sales floor space
  • Pre-sort before you come into clothing, houseware, books, etc.
  • Transport in boxes or sturdy bags marked “Arc” if possible
  • Remain in your vehicle! We’ll help unload it for you
  • Please do not donate outside of our donation hours

What Can I Donate?

Pretty much any clothing, collectibles, or common household items that are clean and in good repair. Here’s an A to Z guide of what we accept.

There are some items we cannot accept, such as electronics that may contain hazardous parts. Here’s a listing of what we can’t accept.

Need a pickup? Schedule a donation pickup from our partner RESUPPLY by visiting their website or calling 765-436-6283. Pickup FEES apply. Simply schedule a pickup, and for a small fee ReSupply will pick up your gently-used clothes, furniture and household goods, and deliver them to your favorite charitable thrift store, Arc’s Value Village! Pickups are within 48 hours and all items are accepted!

The Power of a Denim Donation!

Donation Locations

Find the convenient Arc’s Value Village and Donation Center closest to you.

Find a donation center

Donate your Car

Your used car or truck in any condition can really help us make a difference. We also take RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles. Drive up and drop off – or we’ll pick up your vehicle for free. You’ll get documentation for tax purposes.

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