Donations Status  Summer 2021

Richfield  10-4   |   Bloomington  10-6   |   New Hope  10-6

Please read below for our new process and call for questions not answered here:
Richfield 612.861.9550  |  Bloomington 952.818.8708  |  New Hope 763.544.0006

What Can I Donate?

Pretty much any clothing, collectibles or common household items that are clean and in good repair. Here’s an A to Z guide of what we accept.

There are some items we cannot accept, such as electronics that may contain hazardous parts. Here’s a listing of what we can’t accept.

Know before you go and watch this 1-minute video on how to donate: 


Donation Locations

Find the convenient Arc’s Value Village and Donation Center closest to you.

Find a donation center

Donate your Car

Your used car or truck in any condition can really help us make a difference. We also take RVs, motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles. Drive up and drop off – or we’ll pick up your vehicle for free. You’ll get documentation for tax purposes.

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Make a Financial Donation

Arc’s Value Village is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization supporting people with disabilities through The Arc Minnesota. Our store closures have reduced revenue while our recycling/trash removal fees have increased due to the surge of donations in 2020. Thank you for your financial contributions to help us cover costs!




Donation Drive Toolkit

You can help!