DIY: How to reupholster a chair in 5 minutes!

ChairsAre your dining room chairs stained, dirty and outdated? Do your chairs look like they were attacked by a 3 year old with Koolaid and finger paint? Well here is the perfect DIY solution that is both fast and easy. This 5-minute life hack will not only upgrade your dining experience, but will help make clean up a breeze.








  • Easy 5 Step Process:

Step 1: Flip your chair upside down. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the chair seat from the rest of the chair. There are usually only 4 screws holding it in place.

Step 2: Use a flathead screw driver and a needle nose pliers to take out the staples that are holding the black or white dustcover in place on the bottom side of the seat. Keep the staples in place for the rest of the fabric, as you will simply place the new material directly over the old.

Step 3: Place your seat with the old fabric faced down on top of your Marine Vinyl. Make sure you do not have any creases in your Marine Vinyl. If you do have creases you can use a hair dryer on a warm setting to remove them. Next cut the vinyl out using the seat as a template, but be sure to add a few extra inches so it will wrap around the sides and will reach the bottom of the seat. It’s better to have too much fabric than too little as you can always trim away any extra at the end.

Step 4: Using a staple gun staple one of the sides in place, leaving the corners for last. This is important: Before you start stapling check to make sure your staples are not longer than your board as you will not want to be sitting on them. Once you have one side stapled in place move to the next side. As you continue to staple make sure you pull the fabric tight. Do this on all 4 sides stretching the fabric as you go to ensure the front side of the seat looks smooth. Now fold and stretch the corners to eliminate as many wrinkles as possible and staple that in place and repeat for the other corners.

Step 5: Cut away any extra fabric using scissors. Place the dustcover that you removed in step 2 back on to the seat placing staples along the edge. If you are satisfied with your chair, screw the seat back on to the chair. If you want your makeover to have that extra wow factor try spray painting the chair before placing the seat back on it.

Stand back to admire your work. Feel free to give yourself a high five. Now take a seat (if the seat is dry) and enjoy your new fresh and easy to clean chair.


Thank you to our Guest Blogger David Goldman of Marine Vinyl Fabric for submitting this blog. Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores are a great place for DIY materials such as dining room chairs!

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