DIY your denim!

We’ve all been there, sifting through our closets thinking “what in the world am I going to wear?!” You pick up the latest fashion magazines to browse the spring styles, it happens to be the denim issue. Before you know it, you’re contemplating going to the mall, thinking about all of the new styles and all of the money that you don’t have. It just doesn’t seem right to purchase a brand pair new when you have a plethora of jeans that fit perfectly right in your closet (or ours ;)). That’s where we come in.
As seen on Twin Cities Live, we’ve pulled together five DIY tutorials from six excellent sources that will help you upscale your denim. Your wallet will thank you, your wardrobe will thank you, and most importantly, YOU will thank you.

Style #1: Distressed Denim

1 distressed
This look was inspired by Geneva Vanderzeil at A Pair and A Spare. Depending on the color of the jean, we would pair this with a form fitting t-shirt or V-neck. These tops would complement the already edgy look conveyed through the ripped knee of the jeans. Colors could be either bold for a stand-out look or neutral to appear more chic.
Visit Distressed Denim for a compete tutorial.






Style #2: Fringed Denim

2 fringedThis style coincides with the recent fringe obsession. Since the style itself could be considered bold, we would wear this with a black or neutral t-shirt/blouse. Pairing these jeans with anything too flashy would undermine the look.
Jessica Andrews has an awesome tutorial at Fringed Denim.







 Style #3: Patchwork Denim

3 patchwork3a patchwork


Patchwork denim can be completed in a number of ways. The photos above represent patches on the exterior of the jean and patchwork as an underlay. As with the frayed jean, an exeterior patchwork done with bright colors may appear to be bold. For this reason, it is best to pair with a neutral top, as seen in the photo on the left. There is a bit more freedom with the lace jeans. To keep a classic look, we prefer to pair them with a top that functions as a complement to the lace. However, lace is a neutral color, so feel free to brighten up the look with a colored top or vibrant jewelry.
Tutorials can be found at Patchwork Denim  and Patchwork Denim.



Style 4: Frayed Denim

4 frayedLast, but not least, we would like to introduce the frayed hem. This can be done alone or combined with the distressed denim style. Again, this look lies on the edgier side, so we would pair it with with a fitted, solid top.
Jessica Amento has a great tutorial at Frayed Denim.









And that’s a wrap!! All jeans used in Michelle Raven’s tutorial can be found at Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store for $10 or less. In comparison, the average pair of jeans at PacSun or American Eagle cost around $50.  Thank you again for your continuous support of Arc’s Value Village.

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