Easing Into Thrifting

Sally McGraw (left), Guest Stylist at Arc's Value Village

Sally McGraw (left), Guest Stylist with
Her Client, Ursula

by Sally McGraw, Guest Stylist at Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores and Donation Centers

I’ve been thrifting since I was 12 and I’ll be thrifting until I’m 112. I’m the type of person who sets her mind to a task and doesn’t stop until the task has been completed, which makes me an ideal thrift shopper. I have the patience and drive to sift through an entire store’s worth of stuff in search of that perfect skirt or pair of jeans. And I actually enjoy the hunt!

But I know that many people feel more than a bit daunted by the prospect of tackling an entire store. Even retail stores that carry each garment in multiple sizes can feel overwhelming, so entering an environment in which every single garment is one-of-a-kind makes many people’s brains all melty. Thrift stores are amazing resources, but if you don’t enjoy the act of searching for your desired purchases, they may not feel like amazing resources for YOU.

And that’s one of the reasons why I absolutely adore working as a guest stylist at Arc’s Value Village thift stores. I get to use my laser-like focus to comb the racks for items in the styles and sizes desired by my clients, assemble fun and creative outfits using those items, and help my clients decide which items work best for their needs. People who are ordinarily wary of shopping in the thrift environment are shown that they can, in fact, find great garments at bargain prices and look amazing for pennies on the dollar. And although some of them are unlikely to thrift on their own, many more have told me that their experiences working with me have encouraged them to return later and try a little solo hunting. This service helps them ease into the idea of thrifting.

Donating to Arc’s Value Village stores is a fantastic way to make sure your old clothes continue to serve a purpose and don’t end up in a landfill. Shopping at Arc’s Value Village stores is a rewarding way to find high-quality duds at rock-bottom prices, and remove yourself from the fast-fashion consumer loop. I encourage just about everyone I meet to give thrifting a try. And the ones that are leery? I offer to shop for them! I’m happy to make myself an enabler if the end result is more happy, skilled thrift shoppers combing the racks right along with me.



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