Jewelry Junkie

It’s time I come clean. 

I’ve got a serious addiction.  The first step to recovery is to admit the truth – and the truth is, I am powerless over my addiction. 

My drug of choice, you ask?  Jewelry – particularly the funky, chunky, statement stuff.  I am a self-proclaimed jewelry junkie.

In an effort to come clean, I’m laying it all out on the table.  I’m revealing the very favorites in my extensive collection of thrifted jewelry.  

I’ve been a hobby thrifter for at least a decade – I’ve been perusing the local thrift shops since I was a teen, long before launching the personal shopping program at Arc’s Value Village.  Over the years, I’ve collected a number of bold statement necklaces that add visual impact to any outfit. 

Here are 7 of my most-loved thrift store jewelry scores (in no particular order):

This simple bubble necklace in pretty coral adds a burst of color to any look! The necklace is originally from Banana Republic, but I found it at a local thrift store for less than $10. 


An undeniable attention-getter, this piece stands out from the crowd.  I paid $7.99 for this standout necklace.  Even though it needs a little TLC (it’s missing two blue stones), I had to have it!  I love wearing the cobalt blue with unexpected color pairings – oranges, greens, yellows, etc. 

Blue Gold

This multi-flowered necklace in a matte metal finish adds a touch of edgy elegance.  So versatile too! 

Grey Black

This bold pop of color is a regular in my jewelry rotation.  I scooped it up secondhand for just $5.99! It’s made by Harriet Isles and sells at Hot Mama stores for $34.  I love the statement piece so much, I’ve since tracked down its origins and bought the same necklace in emerald and aqua too! 


I get so many compliments every time I rock this necklace!  The chunky two-chain cluster leaf necklace adds a wow factor to any look!


My favorite hues intertwine in multiple layers of beads and chain. Another fab fave I scored years ago at a local thrift shop! 

Multi Blue

This large chain link gold necklace is a simple “pop” that gives a sexy edge to any outfit.  This one was a recent purchase – I got it at the Arc’s Value Village in New Hope for a mere $9.99!  Score!

Gold Link


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