More Than One is Way More Fun!

Layered Looks

It’s no secret that I am a self-proclaimed jewelry junkie, so this season’s hottest accessory trend – layering necklaces – is right up my alley!

Stacking multiple necklaces creates a dramatic, multi-dimensional look and adds visual impact to any outfit.

Throwing on a few layers of bling sounds easy enough, but there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you pull it off and make it look effortlessly chic:

  • When selecting necklaces to layer, find a common motif.  Whether it’s pairing similar metals or stones or sticking to a similar color palette, you can freely play with various textures, lengths and styles. But by maintaining one unifying element throughout each piece, you will create cohesion.


  • So that each piece stands out individually, while still playing nicely with others, try to space each necklace about 1.5” apart.
  • To create a “bib” effect, the layering should be denser toward the face and sparser as the necklaces get longer.
  • The chunkiest necklace should hang the lowest.
  • You can always double up a longer necklace to instantly create an extra layer.
  • Keep in mind, unfussy necklines such as a simple V-neck or rounded neckline are best to showcase your layering prowess.
  • For examples of layered necklaces done well, I am often inspired by perusing a Chico’s catalog.  Chico’s is well-known for its amply accessorized looks!
  • I’ve been spotting lots of pre-layered necklaces in stores recently.  If you want the look but doubt your ability to layer on your own, pick up one of these ready-made layered looks!

I hope you’ll give this trend a try.  The look screams confidence and stylish intention.  These simple tips will hopefully help you ease into the layered look, but once you get the hang of it, don’t be afraid to break all the rules by mixing metals, pairing short necklaces with long ones or mingling delicate looks with chunky statement pieces.

Layer it and own it!



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