Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Crafty as we are sometimes known to be, we assembled some ideas for those who might be giving a baby shower.  With the exception of the shadow box, most items are super-simple and take practically no time at all.  Charming and inexpensive baby block and bootie planters help fill out the table.   You might even fill the planters with “Baby Tears” – or another theme related plant.   Hobnail accessories and milk glass goblets add nice texture too.

Baby wrapVintage baby cards make cute wrapping paper.   From a collection of 1956 vintage baby cards,  I selected one and made several copies.  After cutting each out, I arranged them on the copier, overlapping very slightly so that I could easily copy and fully cover a 11″ x 17″ sheet leaving no white space in the margins.

Shadow BoxShadow box.  Step 1.  The shadow box, purchased at Arc’s Value Village Richfield for $1.99 received a light sanding and spray paint touch up.  Step 2. Select and apply a background paper.  I chose a the rose design for the background and carefully applied it with archival double-sided tape after cutting out a measured section for the interior frame.  Step 3 Baby Faith’s photo was then applied using archival double-sided tape  Step 4.  The family tree, flowers and rick-rack surrounding the photo were added using craft paper, punches, fasteners and embellishments which already existed in my craft supply stash.  I printed the names and dates of parents and grandparents onto a sheet of colored stock and then used a scalloped punch to cut them out.

Vintage ClothespinsVintage Style Clothespins.  The old fashioned clothespins are still available at most hardware stores.   If you don’t find them near you, buy them online.  Paint the lowers, one side at a time with pretty pastel craft paint.  When it’s dry, paint the other side, let dry.  And if you’re a collector of craft items, don’t let vintage buttons get away.  They’re too versatile. Glue on vintage buttons to one side only.

Origami Tidbit BoxesOrigami Favor Boxes Instructions.   We made the square box.  Choose whatever shape and paper you prefer.  The boxes make perfect candy/favor boxes.  We tucked a handful of pastel mints in ours.




Pedestal PlatePedestal plate.  Supplies needed:  decorative plate, coordinating goblet, a towel, a flat surface and Gorilla Glue.  Put a towel on a flat surface then the plate face down to keep the plate steady.  Put a small line of glue on the bottom of the base of a goblet at obvious contact points and place it dead center on the underside of the plate.  Let it dry that way for the recommended drying time.  Do not turn it upright as the glue may run.  It’s ready to be used when it’s dry.

Next time you’re having a shower, enjoy incorporating some of these ideas into it.  All that’s missing is a rubber baby buggy bumper!  All of the projects would translate well to a bridal shower.  We’d love your ideas too!











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