Set a Spectacular Table this Holiday Season

You can find everything you need at our Merry Thriftmas Shops November 3 through December 23.  Create a very festive event with a spectacular holiday table.  Everything on this feature table (minus cookies and flowers) is from Arc’s Value Village.  It took a little time and some creativity but all that paid off with a really lovely tablescape.  Start with a cart full of things that you like and then sift through items keeping those that are similar in theme.  From what remained in my cart, it was clear that my theme was going to be “rustic elegance“.  Many elements fit into the rustic category – trees, deer, wood-tone chargers, tree salad plates, the “log” framed mirror and the lanterns.  Elegance is added through pine cones (to be glittered later), candles, the cloche containing the ball ornaments, glass cookie plate (standing up), the tiered cookie tray and the mirror.  Somehow it all fits together nicely.  I wouldn’t use all of these elements on the dining table, of course, but I could easily use a few of the shorter items in the center of the dining table or use them to decorate a side board or mantel.  Embellishing a few of the items really helped amp up the elegance.  Here are a few simple ideas:

Candles and CookiesProject 1:  Sheet Music Covered Pillars.  Supplies:  pillar candles, sheet music, double-sided tape, small paint brush or sponge brush, craft glue, glass glitter.  Measure the height of the candle and cut a piece of sheet music to fit (horizontally so that you could still read the music).  Wrap the sheet music around the candle and check your measurement.  You want the length of the paper to go all they way around the candle + about 1/2″.  Use the double sided tape along one entire end to hold it in place.  Make sure it fits snugly and evenly before you secure it.  Brush the entire surface of the paper with craft glue.  Sprinkle glass glitter over the wet glue and shake off the access.  If you’re using real glass glitter, you don’t want to be too lively in the shaking and sprinkling department.  Wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth as you don’t want to be inhaling glass.  It’s not recommended for use around kids.

Project 2:  Star Cookies.  Tip 1:  When you do your holiday cutouts, decorate with the edible glitter that you can purchase at Joann’s or Michael’s or any store that sells cake decorating supplies.  I love the sparkly effect.  Tip 2:  Use two cutters for each cookie, one large and one small.  You’ll end up with a star shape with a cutout center.  It’s nice to have a little variety.  Here are some holiday cookie tips that you might find useful.


holiday tablescapeProject 3:  Paper (Sheet Music) Bead Garland:  I used the same sheet music that I bought at Arc’s Value Village to wrap the candles to use for the paper-bead garland on the tree (center-back).  Here’s a good tutorial for paper beads.  Once the beads were made (it’s a good thing to do while watching TV), I strung them onto fishing line.  You could use anything you want though but the fishing line is strong and stiff enough to string beads easily.

Glittered Pine ConesProject 4:  Glittered Pine Cones:  Supplies:  pine cones with flat tops, small paint brush, craft glue and glitter.  Hold the pine cone in your hand the same way you plan to put it on your plate.  Brush the visible sides of the scales with craft glue – only a small patch of scales at a time.  While still wet, sprinkle with glitter.  Shake off the excess glitterl.  Repeat the process until you have the whole pine cone glittered.  For the place card, trace the shape of a star using a small star cookie cutter onto a piece of card stock for the little name cards.  Cut it out.  Create a glittered edged by carefully brushing glue along the edge and sprinkle with glitter.  Embellish with items of your choice.  I used part of a sticker.  Use sticker letters or a metallic pen to write the name.  Pine cones are something frequently donated at the stores or harvest them when you go on your next walk.  Check our craft department for glitter.

Project 5:  Painted mirror (laying down on the right side):  The mirror was purchased at our St. Paul store.  It it heavier than heck and was a gross gray.  I just took a some extra beige paint that I had on hand and painted the frame – no priming, no nothing.  When it was still wet, I dusted it with just a touch of glitter to give it a nice look.  It makes everything on it sparkle.

Costs/Time:  Most items were in the $1.99 to $5.99 range.  The most expensive item was the mirror at $29.99.  Most of the projects took less than an hour to complete.  It depends on how many of each item you are going to do.  Shopping early in the season will help to inspire the direction you want to take.  It also helps to shop when you’re not in a time crunch.  Whether you’re creating a whole new look or adding things to what you already own, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety that you find at the Village!


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