So Many Fabulous Looks to Try; So Little Time!

Not only will our personal shoppers hand-pick clothing and accessories just for you, they’ll also provide you with valuable tips on how to wear & pair each piece.

Appointments are just a little over an hour – here’s how to get the most out of that time:

  • Consider your Undergarments: Wear a neutral toned bra & camisole that will layer nicely with tops of varying necklines.  A pair of leggings is also helpful when trying on shorter dresses and skirts that can be paired with boots, especially for fall looks.
  • Arrive on Time:  In order to assist as many customers as possible each day, clients are booked back to back.  For that reason, if you arrive late, your appointment time will have to be cut short so as not to run over into the next client’s time. Arrive on time and get your full 75 minutes.
  • Assess Your Wardrobe: Before your appointment, assess your existing wardrobe.  Make note of gaps that need to be filled.  If you come across items that no longer get a lot of wear, be sure to bring them along to donate to The Arc Minnesota.
  • Bring in the Zingers: When assessing your closet’s contents, you will likely come across a piece or two that you absolutely love but simply don’t know how to wear or pair.  Bring one or two of these wardrobe zingers in on the day of your appointment; if time allows, your stylis will gladly help you find other elements to complete the look.
  • Picture This: During your appointment, you will be presented with numerous outfits.  Stylists encourage clients to use their cell phone or personal camera to snap pictures of the outfits as a visual reminder of what went with what.
  • Explore VV Stores: Arc’s Value Village has three metro locations, each with its own unique personality and selection.  Experience personal shopping appointments at all four locations to truly maximize your shopping dollar!
  • Keep an Open Mind: Try everything on.  Clients resoundingly report that our stylist’s selections help them break out of their style rut, rethink their personal fashion choices and step out of their comfort zones – and for that reason, they keep coming back for more!

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