Spring Forward: The Scarf

ScarvesBy Bonnie Marshall 

A scarf is the simplest way to update a look and elevate a mood. It’s a timeless accessory, cares nothing of your changing waistline and is forever French. What could be better?

Declare a personal style.

I’m an avid scarf consumer and advocate. They are inexpensive, don’t take up a lot of room and can brighten a look in a shake and tie. Over the years I’ve probably collected enough scarves to wear a different one every day of the year. I have a particular predilection for Vera scarves. That is, those designed by Vera Neumann, an artist with a five decade career of bringing style, color and life to everyday textiles. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly were fans.  Vera’s known for her vibrant patterns and curious designs from the sixties and seventies.

As the Spring season is upon us, a scarf can usher in the mood of lightness, vibrancy and budding flora. One of my favorite looks is the silk scarf with the trench coat and it’s a look I sport all through our April showers. Audrey Hepburn is another inspiration and her convertible-ride-readiness head scarf with sunglasses (pictured) is one worthy of emulation.

Tie, Twist and Drape.

Clear from your mind the idea that you don’t know how to wear a scarf. This is similar thinking to declaring you don’t know how to dance. There are simply no rules for either. Think of yourself as a young girl. Like when you refused to take your ballet tutu off before jumping on a bicycle, or when a polka dot and stripe mash-up didn’t faze you.

Your best resource is your local Arc’s Value Village, long known as a style emporium for accessories. The most basic of outfits can be enjoy a style jolt with the addition of a piece of jewelry, belt, bag or scarf.  When selecting a scarf let it be the color and art that grab your attention and adoration first. Then, whether oblong, square or triangle, you can immediately begin to alter your ensemble.

I suggest experimenting with how to drape and tie. I refer to vintage fashion photographs or even the styles of Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda Morgenstern. One of my favorite Arc’s Value Village finds was a 1980’s Hermes marketing pamphlet on how to wear a scarf. All of these inspirations can be your guide and there are many blog posts and YouTube videos to serve as practical instruction. Just remember: there are no rules. The only rule is to ‘own it’ and have fun.




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