TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Fall!

Summer is my favorite time of year here in Minnesota because the rest of the year is dreary and cold. However, this summer was just HOT! I actually couldn’t wait for it to be Fall and for the cooler temperatures. I’m sure a lot of you agree. 😉

On Sept 14th, we wanted to celebrate all the things Fall! Sarah and I just started doing community events for our MH Style Consulting clients this past Summer where we talk about the upcoming seasonal trends, what are going to be our favorites and what we’ll actually be wearing. On the 14th, we decided we would combine our Arc personal shopping clients along with MH clients for the Fall edition and let’s just say it was a success! We had about 45 people show up and within the event time of 2 hours, the store rang up $2,012. So if you’re reading this and you were one of those attendees, THANK YOU!! That’s a lot of money that goes to support the community and families with developmental and intellectual disabilities via the The Arc Minnesota ❤️ So thank you again!

Personal shopping event at Arc's Value Village

Our Fall Picks & Trends

So what were our Fall picks and the upcoming trends? After doing some research, we didn’t see any trends that really stood out to us that weren’t already existing or have existed in the past Fall seasons. A lot of forecasting done by publications and fashion empires really contradicted each other. Ex: One said dark lipstick is out while another said it was in. So our theme for the event and this Fall season is: 

  • Wear what makes you happy
  • Don’t be afraid of color

When we do events, I always talk about layering and accessorizing since that’s how you can really elevate your outfit, which seems like everyone wants to do nowadays post-Covid. This time around we wanted to talk about pants and we even talked about a few summer pieces that could be styled into the Fall season:

Summer outfit → Fall outfit was what I was wearing the night of the event. This leopard number (a Fall pattern that returns every year) I’m wearing in the photo below is actually a dress. I layered it with a graphic tee in which I tied at the waistline of the dress to bring it in and actually create a waist. I then topped it off with a faux leather jacket, one of the trendy fabrics you see around every Fall. I was going to go with a darker maroon lip but for some reason I was feeling a more neutral lip so I went with a mauve lipstick – Both colors are great for this season! 

Stylist Melissa wearing a faux black leather jacket, leopard print dress and graphic t-shirt.

Overalls → Pair it a chunky turtleneck sweater underneath or even a cotton turtleneck! Makes it that much more cozy

Bright yellow floral pants → Screams summer, right? Well, I paired it down with a light knit navy sweater to not only bring out the darker colors from the pattern itself, but to also tone down the overall outfit 

Wide leg trousers → I found a black pair of trousers so I added a pop of color by pairing it with a yellow chartreuse pullover sweater. Wear this with a simple platform sneaker such as a Ked and you’ve got a cute fall outfit that is also SUPER comfy

Joggers → Found a nicer pair of joggers (not sweatpant joggers) that were a terracotta orange (such a great Fall color by the way) that had a tie waist. I paired it with an ivory sweater that was a little cropped so the tie on the pants would show. However, because the pants were high waisted, the cropped sweater could still be front tucked so it didn’t look like a crop top – Fake it till you make it 😉 This outfit (and really the last outfit I talked about) is great for those of you that love the athleisure wear look, want to be comfy, but yet elevated

Cream denim → This color of denim came out and became super trendy mid-summer and it’s definitely here to stay! For those of you that love neutrals, I paired it with the ivory sweater mentioned in the last outfit idea along with a great statement sweater. What does a statement sweater mean? It’s a sweater that has a lot of detail. It’s not your typical pullover sweater, it’s not your typical cardigan. This one had 2 pockets on each side (1 at the top and 1 at the bottom), buttoned up and had a collar. Think of a woman sized version of a grandpa sweater.

Stylist Melissa holding up a pair of cream colored denim pants.

Faux leather → This comes back every Fall, but Sarah and I are so excited about it this season! You originally just found skinny faux leather pants, now the styles are endless! So find the perfect one for you shape and embrace it if it’s a different look for you. Suggestion: If you feel repetitive in the Fall, meaning a pullover sweater tunic with a legging and boot, start by changing out the cotton legging to a faux leather legging.

Stylists Melissa and Sarah holding up fall fashion pieces including faux leather pants and an oversized ankle length jacket with a plaid pattern.

Other Fall Trends

Masculine looks → It’s as simple as a suit with a graphic tee (or maybe just a plain tee) and finishing it off with a sneaker

Metallic shoes → I always suggest to clients that if you want to slowly start elevating your outfit, start with the shoes because it’s so far away from your face. It won’t be as intimidating. So for fall, you can elevate your outfit with a silver, gold, pewter or a rose gold shoe!

Creating Fall Outfits

If you feel like you’re lost with your fall wardrobe, don’t be shy and can sign up for a FREE 75 minute shopping appointment with us via the link below. And you may want to do it soon….Arc’s Value Village annual Boo-tique and Autumn Retro Collection has launched!! A lot of people come to Arc to buy a costume out of these sections, but believe me, there are pieces in there that you can wear this season and all year round. But if you don’t want to dig, we’d be happy too 👻

Until then, 

-Melissa / IG: @MH_style_consulting / Facebook @MHstyleconsulting

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