Tis the Season! Melissa is back!

Hello Villagers, I’m back! I took a little break from blogging, but I’ll be guest blogging for Arc’s once a month again, and  I couldn’t be happier and more excited! We’re in the middle of the holiday season, so what better timing than to talk about holiday fashion?

Melissa, a white woman with red hair, sits in a cute sweater, red pants, and heels opening a present. She is sitting near a christmas tree.

Wardrobe from Arc’s Value Village / Styled by MH

If you aren’t familiar with me, I’m Melissa. I’m one of the personal shoppers for Arc’s Value Village so when it comes to holiday fashion, it’s right up my alley. Throughout November and December, I’ve been asking my clients, “Do you need a new holiday outfit now that most holiday events are back?” Some said yes while others said no. I think in the last couple of years we have all become more relaxed and casual. Some people still love it, while others are ready to dress up because they haven’t in a long time. I mean, who doesn’t like to look fabulous and feel fabulous?! 

My philosophy with fashion and the process I use with my clients is to treat fashion as a self-care, mental health item. A lot of people don’t think mental health, self-care, and confidence can be tied to fashion. I’m here to tell you it absolutely can be! 

The holiday season is a natural mood booster for many people. Decorating for the holidays brings this sort of nostalgia to everyone, and I think that’s especially true for all of us that receive snow just in time for the holidays. Now tie that into dressing for it; not only do you have that mood booster because of the holiday nostalgia, but now you’re bringing in “looking great and feeling great!”

Why thrift for the holidays?

In one of my past blog posts, I talked about how thrifting is great for people experimenting with their style. This definitely ties in with people who need a one-time outfit—like a holiday outfit! 

  1. You don’t break the bank: I’ve worked with clients that have gotten a whole new winter wardrobe for under $250, while my other clients that want to go to the malls and boutiques spend $800+. When it comes to a one-time outfit, you could spend $150+ on one dress, sweater, and pants; you name it! How many times are you going to wear it? This brings me to the next point…
  2. Sustainability: If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably into sustainability so you all know what fashion does to our planet. With that said, when you buy that one outfit that’s $150+, again, how often are you going to wear it? Sure, you could donate it afterwards, but there goes all your money…which goes back to my last bullet point
  3. Arc’s Value Village has a plethora of styles in one place: This comes in handy when you don’t know what you’re looking for, what you’re going to be doing for the holidays, or how you want to feel the day-of. You can shop for a skirt and a sweater, a casual suit look, a dress, a jumpsuit, sweater and nice pants or a blouse with nice pants. The outfit ideas are endless! 

So if you’re now thinking about dressing up for the holidays and taking part in the “mood booster” movement and your outfit is from Arc’s Value Village, tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

Until next time, happy holidays and a Happy New Year!


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